Clean Living with Laundry Pro

Laundry Pro with ActivePure Technology

No detergent, no bleach and no softners - just clean laundry.

Laundry Pro combines the power of our revolutionary, exclusive ActivePure Technology with the cleaning action of activated oxygen to lift dirt and grime away from the fibers of fabric and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Laundry Pro is an amazingly effective cold-water laundry system designed for residential use. Laundry Pro particularly uses RCI technology. This revolutionary technology thoroughly cleans fibers of clothes, kills bacteria—without the use of harmful chemicals. Many Pennsylvania homeowners that we have worked with agree that the Laundry Pro is truly one of the most effective cold-water laundry systems.

1) No need for detergent: Oxygen, peroxides, and other gases bubble into clothing to lift away dirt and odors.
2) No maintenance: Laundry Pro requires no cleaning or maintenance to operate at peak performance.
3) Better for sensitive skin: Laundry Pro also helps eliminate the itching and redness caused by allergies.
4) Whiter whites, brighter colors: Laundry Pro keeps clothes looking their best with the cleansing power of oxygen.
5) Earth-friendly: Cold water only and no detergent bottles to throw away.
6) Easy to install: Laundry Pro connects to your existing washing machine; no modifications or additional plumbing.

What is ActivePure Technology?

Everyone is increasingly concerned about their potential exposure to allergens, mold, VOCs and air pollutants, and for good reason: allergies affect more and more people, and respiratory issues like asthma continue to be on the rise. With ActivePure Technology, you can go beyond traditional air purification systems by not only eliminating stale odors and reducing dust, but actually eliminating harmful contaminants in the air and on the surfaces of your home. ActivePure is created in the USA by Beyond by Aerus, a leading technology company with over 90 years of history and innovative products that have been recognized by the Smithsonian and trusted by millions of families. ActivePure is the only air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation. We own worldwide rights to this proprietary ActivePure Technology and it is the only Certified Space Technology that works to continuously clean and protects air and surfaces 24 hours a day. ActivePure Technology is one of only 75 technologies inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in the last three decades. Its applications also include satellite and telecommunication technologies, health improvement technologies (e.g. LASIK, hearing aids, implantable pacemakers, etc.) Now it has made its way to laundry technology. As such, our Laundry Pro has improved the quality of life of numerous homeowners in Pennsylvania.

How does ActivePure technology protect you and your family?

ActivePure Technology is designed by patterning the way nature keeps things safe and clean outdoors. It duplicates nature using the natural processes found in sunlight, lightning, and thunderstorms, which then reduces smoke and odors in the air. The process also reduces mold and germs on the surfaces where they live. When microscopic oxygen and water molecules in the air enter select Beyond by Aerus purification units, they pass through the ActivePure honeycomb matrix. While inside the matrix, the molecules are transformed into friendly-yet-powerful oxidizers. When they’re released back into the air, the supercharged ActivePure molecules seek and rapidly destroy contaminants, fungi, mold, and odor-causing bacteria – even ones that try to hide in hard-to-reach cracks and crevasses. ActivePure Technology is safe for both humans and pets and is used every day in homes across the world, as well as healthcare centers, hospitals, hotels, daycares, professional athletic facilities, the Liberty Bell and the Ground Zero Museum. It was even used after September 11th to help clean and purify the air inside the Pentagon.

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